Beginning of a new stage

Jan 31, 2017

Already 5 years that Les Puces nautiques have left their mother website Le Nautisme au Québec to become autonomous and it is time to move on to the next stage.

To follow the evolution of the web, we had to invest in this new site.

Big change and big job, the difference between the old and new site prevented us from making a full transfer, so we limited transfers to active ads and user accounts of those ads.

To connect to the new site, just click on the small padlock in the header of the site.

For those who had an active ad, since I did not have access to your password, use the Forgot your password? To create a new one and access the site and your ads.

For others, use Sign up to create your account.

  • ** The site is now bilingual.
  • ** All pricing has been reviewed, plans will be displayed before your ad is composed, no more surprise.
  • ** We will no longer keep the archives, expired ads will be automatically deleted 30 days after their deadlines, but a warning email will be sent 5 days before the deadline to allow you to renew it.
  • ** More photos, more video
  • ** Ability to save your searches and be notified by email if the item is listed.
  • ** Geolocalisation
  • ** Nautical directory.
  • ** Etc.
PS: If you use a free email (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc.) check your junk mail and authorize if you want to receive confirmation messages and ad deadlines

And if everything goes well the mobile application IOS / Android for the summer.

Thank you for trusting our Puces Nautiques

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Marc Girouard
Webmestre, Puces Nautiques.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_/) ~~_/) ~~_/) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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