Location or why Google Map does not indicate the correct location?

May 09, 2017
This depends on how the Localization section of the ad registration form has been completed.
In this section, there are 6 fields.

Location: (optional) This field is not linked to Google Map, it is used to give a precision ex. : Marina Gosselin

Account Address on the Maps: If the item is at home, check yes, the address of your profile will be used to locate you on the map. Make sure you have completed your address in your profile.

If the item is not home, use the following 4 fields (Country, Provinces/State, City, ZIP code) to locate it on the map. At the limit, just the zip code is sufficient, eg for the marina Gosselin postal code: J0J 1G0

The ZIP code is always more accurate, easy to find, just a small search in Google, if you register a city Google Map will locate the center of the city instead of an area by zip code.